A Proven Step-by-Step System To Discover your Yoga Niche to attract your ideal clients and build a fulfilling yoga career!

…The first step to a thriving yoga career is to get clear on who you’re meant to serve.

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We’re Anne & Brandon, creators of The Yoga Nomads & Create Beautiful Yoga Websites. Today we’re offering special access to Video Training #1: How to Discover Your Yoga Niche

Alrighty folks, we all know yoga teachers need a niche… and you also know that now is the time to identify your own niche!

Nothing here is ‘theory’ or might work… this is the exact process we use to help yoga teachers all over the world identify their very own yoga niche.

First off, what is a niche?

A niche is the thing(s) that make YOU and your teachings unique. Everyone is unique because we all bring different life experiences and perspectives to our yoga.

AKA: your brand, speciality, target market, tribe, etc

Why do yoga teachers need a niche?

→ Having a niche makes it easier to stand out (and prevents dreaded burnout)

→ Your niche will guide your website content and your business strategy

→ Looking to attract the right clients? Yep, you guessed it, having a niche will help!

→  You wanna quit your day job & create a fulfilling yoga career? Discovering your niche is step 1

 In this Video Training, you will learn:

  • WHY all Yoga teachers need a niche
  • Examples of good (and bad) yoga niches
  • HOW to discover your own yoga niche
  • Common Myths about yoga niches
  • How to determine if your niche will be PROFITABLE
  • How to TAKE ACTION to immediately improve your business

What’s included in Video Training #1: How to Discover your Yoga Niche

“How to Discover your Yoga Niche” includes instant access (via username & password) to:

✓  Over 26 minutes of video content

✓   Downloadable PDF to supplement your video training

✓   Zero Risk, 100% money back guarantee

A couple screen shots from the program…


(Learn the differences between a bad niche and a good niche)

(Avoid the rookie mistakes and myths about “niching” your yoga biz) 

Bottom Line

If you want to make a big impact, earn a full-time income, and create more freedom in your life… then you need get clear on who you’re meant to serve. This training module is the fastest (and safest) way for yoga teachers to identify their yoga teaching niche. Learn how to identify your niche and determine if it will be “profitable” as a business. We walk you through everything in our proven step-by-step system 🙂


We wanted to make this no-brainer affordable for you because it’s a CRUCIAL first step for yoga teachers and we keep getting questions from the community: “how do I discover my niche?”

PS: This is the first training module in our flagship program: Create Beautiful Yoga Websites. By enrolling today, you gain access to the Video Training #1: How to Discover your Yoga Niche and determine if it will be successful. If later you decide to join the full program, we will discount the full program price by $27 to reflect your investment in this training.

30 DAY Guarantee BOOM!

ZERO RISK.  30-day Money Back Guarantee!

We want to make Discovering your Yoga Niche as easy and fun as possible! And we stand behind our product and know that if you try it you will love it. You gain instant access to over 26 minutes of video content & a bonus PDF to help you identify (and test) your very own niche upon joining the program. If we don’t meet your expectations, simply cancel anytime in the first 30 days.


gain instant access!


Instant Access
$27 one-time
Discover your Yoga Niche [video training]
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Zero risk. 30-day money back guarantee

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“It felt as if someone came into my brain, cleaned & organized my thoughts & gave me a clear direction on how to proceed with my yoga business”

Serra Lynn Smick
Performance Artist, Yoga Teacher, Sacred Medecine Priestess

“Thank you Brandon for the support and for the insights you gave me on how to start my yoga and women’s circle business and become visible. Excellent!”

Ioanna Maragoni
Yoga Teacher, crystal healer, leads woman's circles

“I left with a clear idea of the steps needed to take my career to the next level, and feel that this service will save me a significant amount of time and energy.” 

Taylor Joy Marks
Yoga Teacher in Austin Texas

“It’s challenging to get our message out there as a yoga teacher because everything is moving really fast… Thankfully Brandon stays on top of what yoga teachers should do to build their brand online. If you’re an up and coming yoga teacher, I highly recommend Brandon and TheYogaNomads.”

Sofiah Thom
Yoga Teacher and Founder of Danyasa Eco Retreats

Instant Access
$27 one-time
Discover your Yoga Niche [video training]
Full Details

Zero risk. 30-day money back guarantee